Image of Rutland: Real and Imagined

Rutland: Real and Imagined

by Kasini House


Catalog to accompany "Rutland: Real and Imagined"
at The Alley Gallery in Rutland, Vermont
January 31-March 9, 2019

How do we understand a community? How do we construct a sense of place? Often when one wants to know a place, they start by looking at photographs of it. Photography can convey a feel for a place, relay a sense of intimacy, or bear its history and, possibly, its future. It can tell a story. In the hands of an artist, a photograph can do more than tell you what a place looks like. It can tell you how a place is. For "Rutland: Real and Imagined", curator Stephen Schaub invited eight internationally-recognized artists, all of whom work with the photographic image, to investigate Rutland's geography, history, and people to create artwork that tells a story about Rutland.

"I asked each of the artists in this show to explore the city of Rutland as an idea, a place, or a history, and tell a story from that foundation," said Schaub. "Real, imagined or someplace in the middle--as long as the narrative anchors itself in Rutland, everything is fair game."

Artists featured in the catalog are: Arthur Gilman | Ric Kasini Kadour | Carol McGorry | Don Ross | Stephen Schaub | Arthur Gilman | Eve O. Schaub | Bob Van Degna | Susan Weiss

Details: 32 pages | 10″x8″ | saddle-stitched | 2019 | ISBN 978-1-927587-24-9