Image of Collage Artist Trading Cards, Pack Nine
  • Image of Collage Artist Trading Cards, Pack Nine

Collage Artist Trading Cards, Pack Nine

by Kolaj


Collage Artist Trading Cards Pack 9 Is Now Available

Kasini House Artshop works with the Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory to produce curated packs of the Collage Artist Trading Cards. Each card is a full colour, 5.5” x 3.5” postcard with rounded corners. An example of an artist’s work is on the front of the card and the artist’s public contact information is on the back. Collage Artist Trading Cards come in packs of 15.

You can frame the cards you like as mini-prints; collect and curate your very own exhibition. You can also use the cards for discovering contemporary, fine art collage. We think they are a great way to be introduced to the artwork of collage artists.

Collage Artist Trading Card packs provide an interesting foray into artist practice.

Flora Georgiou (Brunswick, Victoria, Australia)
Cassandra C. Jones (Oak View, California, USA)
Ashley Rainge-Shields (Savannah, Georgia, USA)
Kim Rae Taylor (West Palm Beach, Florida, USA)
MJ Connors Davison (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Allan Bealy (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Lorelle Rau (Boise, Idaho, USA)
Keith Kitz (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
David Edward Johnson (Cedar Park, Texas, USA)
Phyllis Schwartz (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
Ap Silvestre (Lisbon, Portugal)
Lorette C. Luzajic (North York, Ontario, Canada)
Dunia Barrera (Munich, Bavaria, Germany)
C.P. Harrison (Round Rock, Texas, USA)
Anthony D Kelly (Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland)

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